Kibana Orchestrator Integration - How To

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How to link Orchestrator with kibana and elasticsearch


Kibana and ElasticSearch Installation
Please refer the below link on the installation of Kibana and ElasticSearch:

Integration with Orchestrator

a) Changes to be implemented at the Orchestrator web.config file end.

  1. Firstly, the ES url should be accessible in Orchestrator server.
    Opening the URL in a browser , should provide a valid response.

  2. Secondly, provide the Elastic Search Url in the “uri” field.
    The uri field is located at two location in web.config file of the Orchestrator.

    First one in the target parameter , name = "robotElasticBuffer"
    Second one in the target parameter, name = "serverElasticBuffer"

For example :

  1. Finally, make sure you add the name " robotElasticBuffer " in logger element of web.config file:
    This enables the logger to link with the target created in step 2.


  1. Once the changes are done restart the website to apply the changes to the config file.

b) Changes to be implemented in Kibana

Create Indexes in Kibana similar to tenant name .
As default tenant gets created when Orchestrator is installed.
For Example: The default tenant name is “default”, so please create a index with the same : default*.

Please follow the guideline detailed in the below link: (HOW TO) - Create Index

Thereafter you can view the logs in Kibana.

Do let me know if it helps.

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