Kibana service goes into PAUSED state when installed as a service

When Kibana is installed as a service using the setup_kibana.bat , it runs briefly but the service goes into a "Paused" state after some time. When running Kibana through kibana.bat, it executes as expected with no errors.

In such case, Install kibana service using the nssm.exe Gui instead of the batch file.
1. Make necessary changes to kibana.yml file as specified Kibana section of the official guide here
2. Open a command prompt as admin and use the following command to create the Kibana service using NSSM:
nssm.exe install [<ServiceName>]
3. It will prompt a GUI. In the GUI, set the following settings on the Application tab:

  • a. Path: c:\<kibana installation folder>\bin\kibana.bat
  • b. Startup directory: c:\<kibana installation folder>\bin
  • c. On the Details tab, set the following:
  • - Display name: ElasticSearch Kibana 7.5.1
  • - Description: ElasticSearch Kibana 7.5.1
  • - Startup type: Automatic
  1. d. On the Dependencies tab, specify elastic search service name : <elasticsearch>
  2. e. Click Install service and then Ok to complete the install.

4. Open services.msc and verify the Kibana is started and running. 
5. Open a browser and go to http://<hostname>:<portNumber>