Object to integer converion

Hi Everyone ,

Can anyone please let me know how to resolve this error .


Thanks !

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Please convert object to Integer.





input string was not in format error is occurring.
can you help

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What are you trying to convert?
Can you place the input string.

Simple buddy,
in first assing activity, i hope you are getting from a datatable so type like
InvoiceAmount = Convert.ToInt32(row(“your column name”).ToString)

and in second writeline activity type like
"Invoice Amount : " + InvoiceAmount.ToString

Hope this would work buddy


Actually I am trying to bring value from google sheet and convert it to Int so that I can compare the value. And I tried as you mention but it still giving same error that is ‘Input string was not in a correct format’.

Buddy can i see the error screenshot


I am using read cell to get a value

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Ahh buddy, for read cell you don’t need to have row mentioned in front its just a value of string datatype

so kindly mention in assign activity as
InvoiceAmount = Convert.ToInt32(out_Cell_Value.ToString)
where out_Cell_Value is the output value of Read cell activity

This would work buddy

can you upload a script plz

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I m trying to convert a number from google sheet.
can you upload a xml file if you have the solution

Buddy @Aman_Mongar

Here is your xaml buddy

Main.xaml (5.9 KB)

Hope this would help you


Thank You for help @Palaniyappan

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Is that working buddy…!


Yaa Thank you


Cheers…Keep going buddy…!

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Buddy if you feel that you are done with solution, kindly close this thread with solution marked that could help others while looking for solution under your topic…


you are so kind and helpful