Object to integer conversion

Hi i have an issue on converting object which is the item into an integer variable. so that i could progress into the if condition. i would really appreciate your assistance.

whatever you have done should convert the object to integer.

what is the issue you are facing?

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Good evening Logan,

It’s difficult to tell exactly what your workflow is doing.

Is the first activity in your top screenshot Read Range or Read Cell?

If you have a non-integer variable, you can convert it to an integer using CInt(VariableName)

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is actually read column.i want to read the column c and separate who is present(the number 1) and absent(the number 0) attendance.xlsx (9.6 KB)

I am unable to convert the “item” into integer variable. The are only two different numbers in the particular column 1 and 0. i want to separate them in the if condition by 1 means present and 0 means absent. The error in receive is compiler error. I really appreciate your response.

Try this
LoopExcel.xaml (5.6 KB)

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thank you i will check on this right away.
Edited: thanks for solving my issue. i really appreciate this.

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