Convert an integer number to string

Hello Everybody !
I’m using the Read Cell Activity to extract a Invoice Number , and in the Result of Properties
I create a Variable of type String, and then this Variable I show in a Type Into Activity, but when I run this exercise show me an execution error that say: " Source: Read Cell
Message: StringConverter cannot convert from System.Double. "

My question is: How can I convert this number saved in a Variable in Variable Type String ?
How I can solve this ? Anybody Can help me ?
best regards.


I think you are storing the value from read cell into a generic variable (which is supposed to be string)

Either store it in a string variable or in the ‘Type into’ activity give this in the type field - YourVariable.ToString (this is a Conversion)

Thanks @Raghavendraprasad , your answer works !

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Anytime. Close this topic by marking solution :slight_smile: Cheers