Object Repository Use Application/Browser Working Directory

How do I set the Application Working Directory if I’m using Object Repository to start the application? In the old method, I used StartProcess which had a Working Directory field.
The new method does not have a Working Directory field.

Hi @jimmy.seow ,

User Open application activity instead of use application/browser activity. it is having working directory. please refer the below screenshot. if you are using modern design you can add show classic filter in the activities panel to enable classic activities like start process etc. thanks.

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Strange, I don’t have “Open Application” activity in my activities pane. I’m using Windows compatibility and not legacy.

Oh! I need to use classic. I see it now.

But if I use Open Application, I can’t use Object Repository. I want to use Object Repository.

Ok. In that case we should have start process activity of we use show classic filter. Is this helpful. Thanks.

@jimmy.seow you can use Object repository ‘use application scope’, Get selector of the application window in object repository, drag the window screen to use application scope, pass the application .exe path . In the properties, select Open - Always

Thank you but I really don’t understand.
What is “use application scope”?
How does using msedge.exe help?
Why is there File Explorer on the right?
Right now, I am using the classic “Open Application” activity as suggested by Mahanthi.
It works just that I would prefer using Application/Browser activity if I can.