Object Repository Tutorial - Error message on application path


I get the following error message when I clicked run, following the steps in the video in the topic “User Interface Automation in StudioX”. There are no specific instructions on how to change the target application file path. So I figured I should change the Application path to point to the doubleui.exe file in my own folder, it is still prompting this error message. @Bianca.Dragu would you be able to help please? It is constantly still pointing to C:\users\bianca.dragu\Downloads\doubleui.exe.

Something went wrong with .
Activity Deposit (N Application Card) failed:

Could not open target application. Specified file path ‘C:\Users\bianca.dragu\Downloads\doubleui.exe’ does not refer to an existing file.

Hi @dlam! Thanks for the feedback! I’ll post here an update once the problem with the path has been resolved. It shouldn’t take more than 2-3 days.

In the meantime, you can add the resource from the Activities panel, indicate the DoubleUI app, and use the elements from Object Repository to configure the actions.

You mean to use the “Use Application/Browser” activity and indicate the DoubleUI app. Ok. Hopefully the problem can be resolved soon. Thank you.

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