Updating Object Repository before Publishing?

I am a bit confused by the usage of the Object Repository.

Building a new automation process and adding items to the object repository. This repository has not bee published yet. I am fine tuning the elements in the repository.

So I have some objects in the repository that I have used in activities. But perhaps I need to make a slight adjustment to one of the elements in the repository (in a concrete example I need to change the URL from “Testing XXXXXXX” to “*XXXXXX” so that when we go into production the object from the repository will work regardless of whether we are in testing or production. Obviously I should have done this initially, but previously I would just replace any of these towards the end of my process.

When I go to change the values in the elements in the OR it seems the values are NOT updated in the activities which I have already used the element in, but if I create a new activity then they are. It is like the activity is pointing to the old elements properties.

Is this correct? Do I have to publish the library and then “reapply it” to my project to get changes to “stick?” I think I am missing something here.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.


I think I figured this out.

I tried it again and if I changed the properties and then opened up a XAML containing one of the elements whose properties was changed, I immediately saw the * indicating that something had changed. Saved the XAML, and the activity picked up the change from the element and saved it. So I will change all elements, save all XAMLS, and then use something like Notepad ++ to search all XAML files to make sure I didn’t let any “TEST” slip through.