Object reference not set - on top level workflow - RemoteException wrapping system.NullReferenceException

Hey all,

Just upgraded from 2019.4 to 2019.10, and one of my workflows crashes right at the start.

I have a flowchart activity in which the workflow is located and when i run i get
““Object reference not set to an instance of an object.””

But this is the very first level of the workflow, and there are no variables or anything set yet?
This workflow was working yesterday when i was on 2019.4 and nothing has changed…

Here is a screen shot from DeBug mode

I have updated all the project dependencies and check to see if anti virus was blocking, but nothing.
Thanks for your help

Kindly check once in the variable panel whether any variables where declared with the whole flowchart as a SCOPE under scope field
And if any is there then check whether it is set with whole - global scope but with no value in it and change the scope to its relavant workflow or container alone

Cheers @MikeBlades