OAuth1.0 connectivity issue

Hi Team,

any help on below would be appreciated.

Unable to connect odata rest api with below OAuth1 credentials.:

            Consumer key - MyConsumerKey
            Consumer Secret- MyConsumerSecret
            Access Token - MyAccessToken
            Token Secret-  MyAccessTokenSecret

Able to get success response through Postman where I have passed Signature method .This option not present in Uipath,how to pass signature method in uipath to hit the rest api.


Hi @a.kalpana5

Could you show us how you are trying to connect to the API in Studio? I assume it is with the HTTP Request activity?

A screenshot of the full configuration (minus the sensitive information) would help a lot.

Also, please update the WebAPI package to the latest preview version to double check if that doesn’t fix the issue.

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I have here 3 videos where I do different OAuth with multiple systems:

Cristian Negulescu

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