UiPath API OAuth1 in Headers

How can i push OAuth1 into my headers that I send? For example, in Postman I can just select this button in the below screenshot.

Try the UiPath.WebAPI.Activities.1.18.0

Or you can provide the already generated OAuth1 token in the Headers as below:


Thanks. How do i generate the Oauth1 token to pass into the headers?

Check the documentation of your product.

Usually it should be a GET request with OAuth1 with Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

Hi, the documentation has the below Ruby code. I’m not positive how I can translate this into UiPath… Any ideas?

consumer = OAuth::Consumer.new(public_token, secret_key, {:site => 'https://api.tripleseat.com'})
access_token = OAuth::AccessToken.new(consumer)
response = access_token.get('/oauth/test_request')

Look at this screenshot and try to get it.

But the Oauth1 authentication has to be passed as a Header… Which the screenshot your sent doesn’t do.

As the header this will help. You need to have already the token generated in order it to work.