OAuth using old account

I have created a new process, with a GSuite Application Scope.
I used a different account, with a new ClientID and ClientSecret, but every time it checks for emails, it uses the Google account in my previous process.

How does one make UIPath use the new ClientID and ClientSecret?

Hey @Luke_McKinley

Don’t know exactly where are you stuck but you should able to add a new account using ID/Secret, I would appreciate some screenshots of your configuration to provide a more accurate suggestion. You may also want check carefully if you still have a reference to the old account



You may want to change the reference name, or completely replace the Use Gmail activity

Hi Edwin,
Thanks for your response. I never actually used the “Use Gmail” activity, but rather the GSuite Application Scope.
I will give your solution a bash.
Would I be able to use multiple gmail accounts like this without having to authorise UiPath on the consent screen every time, or do you have to authorise it every time you change the account?

Hi Edwin, thanks for your help.
I changed the way I get emails from a GMail account, from this:

To this:

Making my life much easier!

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