UiPath asking access of usage of Gsuite

Hello Expertises
May I know why it always call “Uipath wants to access to the google account” when I use Gsuite of my gmail account(I have my domain).
At first it will call once, but in my case it always asking permission.
Can someone please advise how to do or resolve.
Thank you.

Can you try to add UIPath as trusted app in your account?

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Hi @neethulg
How can it be done? Can you please direct me on it.

I am not sure about this. But can you try going to the security tab and then to manage apps in your google account?

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Hi @neethulg
I have added Uipath as trusted app in my account, even then its asking again.

Can you show the properties that you have enabled for Gsuite scope of UIPath?

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Here are the properties, both variable contain the ClientID and ClientSecret IDgsuite

I have used G suite with service account authentication type, so bot will not ask for user consent. But in your case its OAuth authentication type which requires user consent to continue. I am not sure whether you can access without user consent.


Has anyone had any luck in resolving this issue as I am currently having this same package wanting authorisation each time it runs.

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