Nupkg File Size Doubling?

Hi all,

I am trying to upload my workflow package to orchestrator, but the packages are “propogating” to be huge in size.

Please see a flow of my actions:
I publish project from UiPath to a custom folder (to send to a different Orchestrator account than the one associated with my Studio account)

Before uploading to Orchestrator, I check the file size of the package:

(as you can see from the last package, I naively tried to rename it in order to minimize the file size. . .)

I have run into issues with the file size being too big to upload to Orchestrator/use with Robot. In the past, I have just deleted the packages to “restart” the file size. . . I know this is not ideal for version control, but I don’t understand another way to allow for workflow changes (and therefore package updates) without the file size blowing up (doubling, it seems).

Any insight is appreciated!



Are you saving any input or output files in the process folder itself ?

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No I am not.

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OK. It’s weird issue. Don’t know what’s going wrong here.