NULL Output from SAP BAPI activities

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I am getting NULL or EMPTY value as output while tying to create Purchase Order using BAPI_PO_CREATE function from Invoke BAPI Activity. I have installed SAP .Net Connector and Microsoft C++ redistributable. Also I have followed the below video for process creation. Please help me resolving the issue, I am getting an EMPTY VALUE as output.


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Can you please show what you did

and is the test connection successful?

You are saying it is not failing also? is continue on error checked?


HI @Anil_G,

Thanks for the Reply. The process is not giving any kinds of errors. I haven’t turned on Continue on Error. The test connection is successful. The process is not failing and also not providing an output (which should provide purchase order number as an output).



Can you please check if the data is being populated at all?

may be run in debug mode and then check the locals panel



The locals panel is empty while the process is executing.

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You need to run in debug mode…have some break points or use step into and then you would be able to see the values


Here in the image shown, I am providing input with 5 columns for DT_H and 3 columns each for DT_I and DT_IS datatables. I have checked in log messages regarding the columncount which is giving output as (DT_H-5, DT_I-3, DT_IS-3), whereas in local panel, I see there are 64 columns for DT_I and 17 columns for DT_IS but DT_H remains with 5 columns. Could you please help me regarding this.

Hi Everyone,

The issue of null data output instead of errors and resultant data from SAP BAPI activities got resolved.

Rama Krishna Dokina

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