Unable to pass DataRow to Invoke SAP BAPI Call - object reference set to null error

i have built a Datatable with necessary values in a DataRow, passing the DataRow as input to the BAPI Call. Checking if the DataRow is null before invoking the SAP BAPI , but getting an error message as object reference set to null. Request any inputs on the same.

Referred the following link to generate data for the SAP BAPI in a similar manner.
Error is as given below.

Declare the data table ,like
Your datatable=new datatable in assign activity

I am using Build Datatable activity to create a Datatable and then adding a Row.


Even setting the unused variables to empty string in the Build Datatable still facing the object reference set to null error. Declaring the Datatable also is not solving the error.

Using this custom activity, the BAPI call is working.

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