NuGet Gallery, a Paradise Where You Better be Careful

Hello Community,

very often you can read here in answers or advices, just use the NuGet package from the gallery. The NuGet gallery is very impressive.

There are currently nearly 285000 packages available, there must be something for my requirements to find. For sure there is something to be found. What is not obvious, not every package that is offered there can be used freely. Particularly in the commercial environment, there are often considerable restrictions.

When a package is found, it is advisable to read the license information first. They can be found on the right side in the About section.


The second step to do is to go to the Project website. If this is a commercial site, you should look at the terms of sale. If multiple bots are to use this package, consider unlimited deployment. This is often costly.

The use of third-party packages needs to be well considered, not only from a cost perspective. Aspects of operational and IT security, updates and their testing, etc. must be consider. Only for one specific use case it is often not worth to use it. It can be more profitable to code an Invoke Code Activity or build an own Activity by yourself.

As you can see, the advice of using an additional package can be less attractive.

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