Not able use installed firebox web automation tool. i am using windows 7 and have servicepack for .Net framework

i am using windows 7 ultimate. using servicepack i have activated .net framework. i am using ui path community edition. it works well. i have successfully installed ui web automation extension for Firebox browser(version 67.0) . open browser activity is woking then click activity over browser is not working. it shows trying to capture in a browser & your uipath extension is not enabled . i tried all the possible solution as provided by ie
i) -used to install extension . it is successfully installed.
ii) - used to traceout error.
when i check webconsole (ctrl+shift+j) it shows the source from… was blocked.mime type … error. i search around net. didn’t get solution. please help me to resolve this . i want to use UI path studio in windows 7 systems. thanks in advance.


Hi @Jayanthi95,
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Are you using the latest .Net Framework version?

Thank you for your response. @Pablito
No. i am using .Net Framework 4.6.1.
I am using windows 7 default it has .Net framework 4.5.2 . later i have installed 4.6.1 through regedit.exe . then only i could install UI path. so after installing 4.6.1 UI path working good.

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Yes. I am using latest .NET version. initially i wrongly stated. it’s very urgent help me to get out of this issue.

Hi @Jayanthi95

What is your Studio version?

2019 6.0

Hello again , can anybody help me ? my deadline is nearing. :frowning_face:

Hey, I’m not sure we can match the solution with your deadline, but let’s investigate a bit more.

Could you post some screenshots of the issue?
Could you try to automate in the private session, previously making sure that these options are set as such (with the same version):

Then, could you make sure your packages in the Package Manager are updated to the latest version, especially this one: