Issue with Firefox Extension on Portable Browser

Scenario: Unable to work with Portable firefox Browser Even after installing the extension

Current Behavior: uipath studio not working on Portable Firefox Browser

OS Version: Windows 10 and windows 7

I have tried installing UIpath studio extension on my portable Firefox Browser and it installed well but while trying to record the Browser actions I am getting error as"we have detected that you are trying to capture in a browser and your extension is not enabled.
please enable Uipath extension before continuing"

But I have installed it on my portable browser by importing the addon on to the browser. is there a fix for this.


Actually I am facing 2 isssues.

  1. UiPat is not installing on Programme files, it’s acting like a portable software.
  2. There is not such file called “C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\UiPath\uipath-ff.json” on the given location but the rest of the software is installed there. like it’s for a temporary thing.

Do you have any uipath-ff.json file, so that I will try placing that file in the given location and try.

Hi ,
1.CE Installation path :Appdata folder.
Studio :Installtion path Program files .(you don’t really need to bother about this :blush:)
2. Yes we do have Jason file by the name uipath-ff.json.

I Don’t understand what you said about
CE Installation Path: Appdata folder.
What is the meaning of this…? Tell me how to fix this issue. I really need your help. if you need I can provide you the link for my Portable browser.

Download and try on this.

UiPath was not tested on Firefox portable.
What is your automation scenario and why do you need portable Firefox?

Even if you have the extension installed you’ll need UiPath software installed too which defeats the purpose of a portable browser.

The extension for Firefox has a native host component which should be installed on the machine (it is included in the UiPath software) and requires some registry keys so I’m not sure how all this can work together and still being portable.


I want to make a fix for my issue and I really need a solution for my Problem. How can I Buy a software, That doesn’t provide me my basic requirements.

I have already provided you with my Portable browser. Find a fix and make it work.

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