Not able to veiw the result tab in academy for Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment

Hi Team,

Its been 18 hrs i have uploaded the Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment, I still cannot see the results of the same. The “Results tab itself is missing”

Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment

I have the same issue and would also like an answer to this. Last Sunday (20 September) I uploaded my solution to Assignment 1. The submission was successful but nothing happens afterward. According to other threads I have read, there should at be a “Waiting for evaluation” status. I don’t even have that.

I contacted UiPath support who helped me to delete the submitted file so I can upload the file again (21 September). But after re-submitting the zip-file, it’s stuck at the same status. It just states that it’s submitted but nothing more.

When logged in to ACME System1, I can go to User options->Check training assignments where it states that I have passed Assignment 1 with a score of 100 . So I am pretty sure that my solution is correct.

Yes I have verified that I’m using the same e-mail address for both UiPath Academy and ACME System1. I have also tested in different browsers and different computers.

Hi @ptrobot, I’m facing the same exact issue and going through the same exact cycle as you. Contacted support and support remove the submitted file so that i can resubmit.

Have reset ACME data and rerun the bot (ACME system say result is 100%) and resubmit but still facing the same issue. There are no “Waiting for evaluation” and I don’t even see result tab.

Anyone can advise what should I do or is there anyone that can assist to check whats the issue?

Thanks in advance

I got my result now after waiting for about 40 hours and I can now continue to the next lesson.

I was having the same issue. But after a long wait, finally I got a resubmission requested answer. the thing is that I don’t have any idea why I’m getting this rejection. There is no feedbak, at lest to know what is wrong in order to fix it. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the update. So it does take sometimes before it is being processed. So now, all to do is wait and cross my fingers.

It would be great if the upload page provides some kind of indication or progress under the result tab rather than just hide the result tab altogether until the result is available.