Calculate Client Security Hash Assignment Submiited but no result displayed

I have submitted my assignment submitted on 05/07/2022 12:01 AM UTC and now the time is 4:32 pm UTC.
However the result is still not displayed in the state and that particular activity status is in Progress.
I have checked in and the result shows as Passed.

After updating this result in UiPath Academy then only I am allowed to go through other learning activities.
How do I get the result in UiPath Academy?

Hello, Did you logged in again and verified?

Plz refer the below post. You can contact the uipath learning team to resolve your issue.

Thanks Rahul. I again checked, the result tab is not available. I will contact the uipath learning team.

Sure…:slightly_smiling_face: Hope that will resolve your issue.

It seems that I could not raise the ticket as I am using community Edition.
Raising the ticket requires license code.

Here you can raise your academy clarifications

Thanks I have raised the help ticket.