Not able to unzip the file

Hello all.
I am not able to unzip the file.
Error: Unzip: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\Dinesh\Documents\UiPath\SAP_ECC_DataDownload\OutputZip\’.

But the same path works if I re enter the path and use ( run from this activity).

Hi @happyfeat87

Check the Destination path is created or not in the appropriate location.

Andalso the check the file name of the zip and it path also


Hi @happyfeat87

Check your input file is present at the same location which you are mentioning in the activity.

Sanjit Pal


Hi @happyfeat87

Have a look on the thread

Have a look on the video
Watch Min - 1.26


Hi @happyfeat87

Kindly watch this video

You will be able to unzip it using @balupad14 Activities


Thank you for the response.
It is resolved now. I just applied a delay of 30sec.

Great @happyfeat87

kindly close the topic and mark as solution so that others will be able to refer that video

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