Extracting/unziping files to folder

I’m trying to extract files from from a zip archive but for some reason the files are not being extracted.

File to extract is set to “C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\archive.zip”
Destination folder is set to “C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop”
Extract to dedicated folder is set to True

Only an empty folder is being created for some reason. What can be wrong?

1.Use for each …
2.Then use UnZip activity.
(Install this activity from manage packages…BalaReva.ZipUnzip.Activities)
In parameters pass ZipFile=Item.Tostring and your Extract folder path.
3.Then use delete file activity to delete zip files.

Hope it Helps


Hi @Usha_Jyothi ,

Is it not possible to use the below activity without using a for each and installing a new package?


some times it may not work
in that case we try alternative methods and go for the one which is working

It says its not compatible with my windows projects

Hi, don’t need to install other UiPath package.
“Extract/Unzip Files” activity is available in UiPath.System.Activities package.
Ensure your UiPath.System.Activities package is updated to the latest stable version.

If you are using unzip activity in loop, then add delay before that unzip activity.

That’s what I’m actually using. But for some reason, the extraction is not working as intended though everything seems to be correct. Will need to make some further tests.

Hi @private_matter ,

Could you let us know how many files/contents are present inside the zip file ?

Also, Are you manually able to unzip it ?

Hi @supermanPunch

There are 24 files in the archive.zip folder. When I try to unzip it using the Extract/Unzip activity, I get an error the following error printed.

Extract/Unzip Files: File “mens-classic-tee-black-front-64d7a0fdf3fb7.jpg” is compressed in an unsupported format. To extract all support files, set the ‘Skip unsupported files’ setting to true.

And even if I have the Skip unsupported files set to True, nothing happens upon debugging.

I have temporarily used a typical user method by clicking on the zip folder, then clicking on the extract button, setting the output folder in 7Zip, then deleting the zip file after it has completed. However, the first method should logically be much faster.

Hi, inside the properties panel of Extract/Unzip Files, locate the “Skip unsupported files” option and set it to True and check.

unzip error ss


I said in my last reply that even if I set this option to true, nothing happens. The files are not extracted to the folder.