Unzipping zip file with folder inside fail


this is the method im using
arg1 : path+zipname
arg2: path

the following is the zip file structure:
-----> SubfolderNameXX.pdf
-----> Another PDF
-----> Another another PDF

When the above invoke method runs, it results as an error,
"“Cannot create path\SubFolderNameXX because file or directory with the same name already exists”
but there is no folder of the name, only a file, which is wrong

Anyone knows what im doing wrong?

Hi [Tyra,

You can use Extract/Unzip Files Activity. it will work



Refer to the below links related to your topic

hi yes im using that and it doesnt work
edit: Oh i realised there is an activity for that after updating to the latest system package, it works now thanks

thats what i did. the invoke method and the arguments i have listed.

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