Not able to read data from google spread sheet even after integrating google API in UIPath. Please somebody suggest with all steps? Please help urgent


I have downloaded google API and follow :

Interacts with Google Spreadsheet by calling Google API.

Please suggest …

thanks in Advance

I don’t know much about Google API and my way of integration with Google Spreasheet is via GUI

using activities like Click element / Image etc… does that work for you ?


have you got ans ?

Thanks for reaching me out.

No sorry not yet.

I am stuck when uipath send req to google api, it hits sfully but failling in authorization while going to read it.

That i was not able to fix.


hi @Puransse

i resolved this issue, please refer above link


Thankyou very much
I will try this.

Use gsuite activity and for authentication there are three way i used OAuthClientID. Feel free for any question for using that.