Not Able to install Any Language translation package

Currently I am making the Automation bot for NLP Language translation But I am am not able to use any of the translator activity pacckage language Translator package (showing not supported for destop project ) and Zell.CognitiveServices is not able to install now what to do
Make a language translation project


For now, can you try to create Windows-Legacy project then install the above package?



Packages has been installed but now it showing this error

Translate Text: The request is not authorized because credentials are missing or invalid.
showing this error sir how to resolve it

Hi @Jay_Chaudhary ,

Cross check the subscription key, there might be chances of typos.


@Jay_Chaudhary , kindly mask the keys due to sensitive information And the forum is public platform.

sir now what can i do to fix this errors and
Any Solution for this issue with the api sir