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Recently I have downloaded the Uipath Cognitive Services Activities Pack. I have been looking for some tutorial or training material but I have not found it.Is there any document about cognitive services pack available?

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It is nearly released package so i don’t think so that we will get soon a document about it but soon @badita will update on this. :slight_smile:

But i wants to share some info about this package and what is Microsoft Cognitive service, so will be helpful for others i guess.

Microsoft wants to empower developers to build smart apps using artificial intelligence and revolutionise how we experience technology. But most developers aren’t well resourced or do not have the expertise, data or time to add these capabilities. Microsoft is making available these artificial intelligence based Vision, Speech and Language APIs. Developed from years of research, these technologies are used in many Microsoft products. With as little as 3 lines of code, developers will be able to build apps capable of things like recognising the emotion or face on a photograph, to understanding words, meaning and speech.

Early in 2015, Microsoft released a set of APIs as a beta called Project Oxford which has been rebranded as Microsoft Cognitive Services. The main purpose of this project is to eliminate the brunt work of setting up machine learning algorithms and let developers focus on just using the APIs. This service is currently provided free of charge to a certain extent. Paid subscriptions are also being made available if you need to scale and need to make a lot of transactions with the service.

Currently You can see there are 4 activities are available under this, which are:

  1. Google Text Translate
  2. Google Text Analysis
  3. IBM watson Text Analysis
  4. Microsoft Text Analysis

*You will Notice that these all activities will require a key.

So you can obtain right now to test use a free key. so you have to visit this link:

Let’s take a look at some of the main APIs that are bundled under Microsoft Cognitive Services.


Computer Vision

Bing Speech
Custom Recognition
Speaker Recognition

Bing Spell Check
Language Understanding
Linguistic Analysis
Text Analysis

You will also see “Analysis type” Option in properties having following information:

Text Analytics API

Sentiment Analysis
Accepts text content in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese) and returns a score between 0 & 1. The score is generated using text classification techniques.

Key Phrase Extraction
Returns a list of strings denoting the key talking points of the entered text using the Microsoft Office’s sophisticated natural language processing techniques which supports for English, German, Spanish & Japanese text.

Topic Detection
Returns a list of strings denoting topics detected within the text along with corresponding key phrases which are related to the topic. The API requires minimum of 100 text documents to be submitted.

Language Detection
Returns a language code and a score between 0 & 1 which indicates the certainty level of the detected language. Supports for 120 languages.

And I am also looking into it. if possible will know something more about it then i will share here :slight_smile:



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I have two questions :slight_smile:

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I was also a bit lost while trying to find the right place. If you go to the list of available API’s on Microsoft’s site, for some reason you cannot see Text Analytics at all. However, if you navigate to https://www.microsoft.com/cognitive-services/en-us/text-analytics-api and then click get started for free, you get to start the subscription and can see the key. You should use the key #1 in UiPath activity but be careful not to copy-paste the first two characters (1:) in the view.


Hey @Langdeel

Your Free Subscription

Head over to the Microsoft Cognitive Services website and click on “My Account”. Sign in with your Microsoft account and grant permissions for the Cognitive Services application to access your details.

Once signed in, Verify your mail address then select the APIs you want to trial and subscribe.
Follow following steps:

  1. Click on the API section. and then for e.g. For Text Analysis API Click on it.

  2. Click on Get Started For Free button.

  3. After this you will get below page and click on “I Agree” Section.

  4. After this click on Subscribe.

and you will get the above screen.



Hi Guys,

Thanks for the nice step by step guide :slight_smile: That did the trick and now I got it Work with the Microsoft Text Analysis. BUT how do i get to see the output of KeyPhrases? I am getting an error saying ‘For each : Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ when trying to loop over it so it seems that it is empty. Any ideas on how to handle this?


Thanks aksh1yadav for the detailed explanation. Its works fine :slight_smile:


The Microsoft Text Analysis is working great now :slight_smile: Has anyone tried using Google Text Translate? If so, how did you get a key?

Great to know :slight_smile:


Great to know :slight_smile:. it is possible if you can upload so it will be useful for other users a sample demo, so they will get the things easy and simple way :slight_smile:


An API key is required to use the Google Translate API and you can get yours from the Google APIs key

For further details, check this Developer’s Guide



Func_Microsoft_Text_Analysis.xaml (7.7 KB)

I have attached it here. Only input arguments are the key and the text to be analyzed.

Thanks for the hint Aksh :slight_smile: I will check it out later.


I have used the Google Translate API using a test key and it works great! :smiley:


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Please check these links :slight_smile:







A key is required for setting up the google text translate in uipath. I suppose it is the Google Api Key. Then, is it still required the Microsoft Key somewhere else?

Hi @bionditang

You are right - To use all google services you have to use Google Api keys.

You will require Microsoft key To use Microsoft Service like Microsoft Text Analysis.



Thanks @aksh1yadav :slight_smile:

Thanks Aksh, I’ve got everything work fine now :slight_smile:

@richarddenton has something nice on this topic. :slight_smile:

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Typically as yet, there isn’t much documentation but because they utilize existing APIs there is plenty of help on the Web. Here is a guide to the tools that are being used and the potential benefits that they bring. I have also added a link to the websites as you can test out the APIs by simply entering text into a box and clicking submit or analyze.

Microsoft Text Analysis

Analyses the following :

  • Sentiment - a percentage based on the tone of the email, e.g. I hate you! I love you , could be used for priority or escalations. I actually entered an email from a colleague to me earlier and it came out as 100% positive!
  • Key Phrases - key phrases found within the text which could be used for grouping/analyzing emails, this could work well with workflow tools
  • Language – the language that the text is in

Google Text Analysis

Cloud Natural Language API | Google Cloud Platform

Analyze text using ML to extract relevant entities, understand the overall sentiment, identify parts of speech and create dependency parse trees.
Analyses the following:

Sentiment including absolute magnitude of sentiment (regardless of positive or negative)
Sentences – I presume this breaks out the text into lists of sentences
Entities – in simple terms pulls out nouns such as company names, objects, people – this again could be used for grouping or more intense data analysis
IBM Watson Text Analysis

Tone Analyzer | IBM Watson Developer Cloud

Helps users understand the tones that are present in text
Looks quite similar to Google Text Analysis, however, the example they have on the site is of a chat conversation, email message, corporate announcement. I think you could probably do the same with Google Text Analysis so it will be interesting to see the difference in results during any testing


  • Language
  • Sentiment
  • Sentences
  • Entities

Google Text Translate

Uses the Google Translate that you will all know to return the following information


You provide it with a source language a target language and the text you want to translate and it produces a text output
This becomes more powerful in conjunction with Text Analysis because you may want to translate text prior to analyzing it in order to maintain consistent key phrases and grouping and additionally you need to know what language the original text is in before you can translate it
As you will see if you try any of these out there are different categories as well as the basic sentiment, entities etc which could also be utilized. For example, IBM Watson Text Analysis comes with additional attributes such as Emotion, Language Style and Social Tendencies which I believe can be accessed using the same API but this would require a little more investigation to be certain. An example of this output can be seen below:

It also gives you words for the emotions rather than just a number (excuse the code)

In terms of cost there is no cost for using the UiPath activities, they come as part of the software when you purchase a license. However, there is a cost associated with using a certain number of API calls per month which is a Microsoft or Google charge and is highlighted on the their websites. All utilities can be used free of charge for trial purposes. I believe they work on a pay-per-transaction basis but this may vary between providers.