Not able to get datarow value and the value displayed in log is System.Data.DataRow in Academy 2 Assignment 1

Hello Guys

I am facing issues in Academy 2 Assignment 1. Issue is as follows -

  1. I am passing all the arguments of WorkItem Datarow array to the Get Transaction Data of Main workflow.

  2. Following is my GetTransactionData workflow where i am trying to display the datarow in out field wherein I am getting System.Data.Datarow instead of the actual value which is passed into the out_TransactionItem.

Can somebody suggest me what should i do to test my program till this Get transaction data stage ( Like how can i see whether the data that is going to be processed is correct or not??

Please suggest. I am stuck at this stage from last two days.

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When trying to display a value from a row that is into an array try selecting the indexes like this: arrayDataRowVariable(0)(0).tostring --> This will display the first value in the row in the first row in the array.

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Thanks a ton bogdan. It was of great help. It worked!!!

Hi There,
can you explain how this done?

Hi Can you please explain how it is done. I am unable to fetch the WorkId details