Not able to find Terminal session


I’m actually doing the first video, basic tutorial rpa for developer.
In the first steps, a “terminal session” is needed with the database connect.

But I can’t find it. I look in the package and I can’t find UiPath.Terminal.activities neither.
Can somebody help me with that please.
Thank you and have a nice day

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Welcome to our uipath community.

We will use Terminal Session activity to connect to Mainframe application but not to connect with the database.

And also could you please go to Manage packages and show me screenshot of it and need to check what Package sources are you configured.

@lakshman thank you for your fast answer.

yes it was confusing for me.

here is my configuration for the project

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Welcome to uipath community
If it’s terminal then it’s Uipath.Terminal.Activities
For that go to Design tab → manage packages → in official tab search as UiPath.Terminal and install the activities

—then in the activity panel we can see the terminals seesion activity when searched as terminal

For more details on this activity

Or if it’s datatable activity then in official tab search as UiPath.Database and install that package

Ensure once which process or session we are currently in the training course
Cheers @lukb

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I can able to see this package under Official package source.

Could you please restart UiPath studio and then try once.

Hello @lukb

Were you able to locate the activities that you were looking for? or are you still having the issue?

thank you very much. Sorry for my late replying, I didn’t have my pc.
I found it. Thanks


Hello @Lahiru.Fernando
yes i finally found it. Thank you for your help guys.
Have a great day



Glad to help you. Happy Automation :grinning:

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