Database activity pack missing in Studio 18.3

Currently going through the Level 1 Foundation course and have come to a halt as i’m unable to follow the robot being created, particularly, I don’t have the activity needed to continue, its ‘Terminal Session’

I have installed all packages available in the package manager and it still hasn’t been added… ??

This has only happened since the new update!!! which also wont launch for me(18.3.0), so i’m having to revert to 18.2.3… for clarity… I am using version 18.2.3 and that’s the version i’m having this problem with

Also 18.3.0 is absolutely broken when i try to use it… nothing works!!! is anyone else having this issue?

Appreciate any help/responses Thanks

Hi @fletchy8888,

Take a look.


Oh my god, don’t ask me why but i actually got it wrong, i meant the activity ‘Terminal session’ is the activity i haven’t got… i do have the database activity…

I am going to edit the OP for anyone else that comes across it…