Not able to find out whats wrong

Main.xaml (57.7 KB) Config.xlsx (20.4 KB) …

I think everything is as it should be but still I am getting this error.

Well,you haven’t mentioned the error nor uploaded the project (only the main file that goes on error asap it starts running due to workflows cast)
So if you can add the error description and your full project zipped we might be able to help you @kedar.bhat :smiley:

New Compressed (zipped) (1.9 MB) …

There :smiley:

Hi @kedar.bhat

Have you checked that the “System1\System1.xaml\Main.xaml” works propertly?
I can’t even open it on my computer, and i think the same issue ocurrs to you.

The item ‘C:***\ReFrameWork-master\System1\System1.xaml\Main.xaml’ could not be opened: Document is invalid.

The program doesn’t open a ie browser and neither goes to the ACME page, so it can’t find the UI Element, so try redoing the System1Login.

And I’ll add one advice, once you’ve created the folder System1, don’t create a folder for every activity and create a main on that activity folder, store 'em on the System1 folder you have created.

Good luck on the assignments!

Noted. Will get back to ya… (1.9 MB)
I don’t think there’s any difference though but still I created the new login workflow.
Please check and let me know where I went wrong.
Thanks :smiley:

Hello again,

Do you have any asset on the config file? such us System1 credentials, System1URL etc.
As i see in the Output, the error might be that the url is missing on the config file
“message”: “System error at initialization: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at Source: mscorlib”

It should be smth like this on the “SETTINGS” sheet:

Try this and let me know :smiley:

I have everything in the config file but still it wont get the key…

…there. Please check it and lemme know if something’s missing. :smiley:
Also, I guess you can check the entire excel file in the zip file above :thinking:


When I open your config this is what appear to me :confused:

Anyway, I can’t run the program propertly, maybe we got different version or smth, so I wont be able to help you at all
Wish you the best luck :slight_smile:

Ohh…maybe that’s because I use it through Google. Yes I use excel online. That’s why it’s not able to get the key. Well in that case how do I access the online version through the framework???