Not able to find Open browser/Open application activity


I am Not able to find Open browser/Open application activity.

cannot find anything related to it in Manage Packages as well.

How can i re-install the UiAutomation package?
How can i update the UiAutomation package to the latest version?

Please help.


hi @heena_shaikh
goto the settings->network & iternet->VPN-> off the VPN over metered networks and VPN while roaming switches → again goto PROXY ->off the automatic detect settings…
hpy learning :wink:

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then go and try to install those packages…
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Hi @heena_shaikh

In Manage Packages are you able to update the package?

Ashwin S

@AshwinS2 i am not able to find the relevant packages.


Go to Design Tab in Studio → Manage Packages → Settings → check whether official feed is enabled and if not enable it

Then in the same window go to Official tab search for UIAutomation package and install it

If it’s already installed in the same window go to PROJECT DEPENDENCIES and upgrade the version of it

Cheers @heena_shaikh


@Palaniyappan, Thanks for the reply.

i tried updating UIAutomation package,Please find the attached image for the error


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Click on that activity throwing error and then go to OUTPUT panel so that we can find the package which is missing

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I know this is a old forum quesiton but also want to add additional information for other folks who may come across an issue I encountered. In the activities panel I was not able to locate Open Application or Open Browser, following the UIPath Tutorials it instructed that I use these activities but I did not have a selection avaiable. I installed the UI Automation package and still could not locate these activities.
Recently I learned you can switch between Modern activities and Classis activities. Modern activities include the Use Application/Browser window whereas Classic acitivites include OPenApplication, Open browser, attach Window, Attach Browser etc.)

I am using for UiPath Studio version 2021.2.2-beta.44 Community LIcense.
Here is how you switch between Modern and Classic
From your project go to the Activities panel
Right above the Search activities field, select the filter icon
Then select ‘Show Classic’
Now you can search Classic activities like Open Browser.

Switch between Classic and Modern


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