Not able to execute process

Hi friends

I tried to execute process from orchestrator . its unattended bot.

i am getting the below error.
this is the first time i am executing this unattended bot. do you have any idea

even if i execute from unattended bot server robot tray it throws the below.

Hi @oshan

In Asset have you given the correct username and password in orchestrator as well as have you passed the correct username and password in get credential activity based on asset

Ashwin S

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This link may help you,

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@oshan please check your assets and get creadentials once

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Its working fine in local machine. i am able to get asset.
Once published,am getting error when i am trying to execute as unattended bot (runs on different server, connected with orchestrator).

Hi all

Just updating the status .
it might be helpful for those who are facing the same issue.

Issue 1(could not start executor) is resolved.
it was due to incorrect robot password on the orchestrator.
For unattended bot, we need to provide machines login credentials in orchestrator robot.Now Changed it to robot machine’s login password.

Issue 2 (cannot create unknown type): working on it.
I think robot is not able to download packages automatically .
we might need to white list the below., *, (port 443)

I will test and update the result once its white listed.


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