Issue in 2018.1, when we start debugging it shows message "Cannot start a job in 'debug' mode for a non-development robot"

when we start debugging it shows message “Cannot start a job in ‘debug’ mode for a non-development robot”. so unable to debug any workflow…

you have to be connected to orchestrator as a Development robot.

but just for debugging why it is required to connect to orchestrator. earlier to update it was working without any problem

one second, are you connected to orchestrator when doing the debug?

not connected

were you connected to any orchestrator? before the update?

no, i am not using orchestrator

are you trial or using a license key

its community edition

so you are still in the Free (trial) period, you did not bought a valid license?

i am using community edition for learning purpose does it require license?

let me investigate

if you delete the content of C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\UiPath\License and restart Studio, then use Start Free, is it working?

followed steps still same problem

When you ve started Studio after deleting the License files, were you asked to Start free again and enter your email address?

Hey @govind ,

If you are still facing problem for debugging any robot, then do as below mentioned.

From task manager under application tab end task of “UIPath Robot User Service” and then try to debug any robot.

Thanks, its working.

I am experiencing the same issue in 2018.1.
Yes, killing the UIRobot task does the trick, but in the background UIRobot starts automatically again. Having to kill UIRobot every time before I go into debug mode does not seem a proper solution. Is this a 2018.1 bug and if so, is UIPath going to do something about it? Or is it a user specific (me) problem and I have to live with workarounds?

Were you ever connected to orchestrator before upgrading to 2018.1 ? this error appears in 2018.1 if you are connected to orchestrator and you are not provisioned as Development Robot
if you start uirobot.exe from installation folder, and then open robot tray->settings do you see anything?

I was connected before indeed and when I start UIRobot from the right folder then it shows my robots deployed on Orchestrator. My robot on Orchestrator is NonProduction and I cannot seem to change it to Development due to licensing issues.

Have tried to remove my robot on Orchestrator and create a new one, but the only one working is NonProduction and then again I have my debugging issues.

Any help appreciated.