Not able to connect to DB2 Database


In connect activity " Test Connection" is successful “connection” output var and type is “DatabaseConnection” ----> output results in Database Connection{ }
Passing connection as input to Execute Query for Existing Database properties…it is resulting in error.

Execute Query: ERROR [HY000] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Note : Installed “Cdata IBM DB2 ODBC Driver” where created and configured Data Source Name text connection is successful but not passing the step execute query.

If someone had already worked on DB2 connectivity with Uipath. Could you please suggest me some approach?


I don’t have experience in DB2. But I have done the setup for MySQL db.

I think your setup on odbc, driver and dsn is working fine since you are able to connect to the db.

I feel the issue with the query you are executing. Did you try execute this query on db2 studio or some platform to verify.

If possible please share your query to troubleshoot further.

Query : I have tested on Dbeaver, it is giving output

select * from schema.table name;

the input object in existing database is coming as empty…so thinking connection string is not properly generated

Could you please check whether you are able to test it in ODBC and check the correct dsn name used while creating connection to DB.

and also sample connection string i have used in my project. please verify with your connection string


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