Not able to access element in console(shockwave element)

I am not able to access elements inside the console. It is considering it as a whole block.
It is a shockwave element…i have enable shockwave flash player for displaying my console…how to access it ?? are there any packages in studio for accessing such elements?

Below is what i am getting when click on that console:

Hi @amangupta4644

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What do you mean by “I cannot access the element in the console”?

It is not clear if you want to interact with the page or whether you want to extract something from the source code.

Hi @loginerror,

I am having one application which I am opening on IE browser whose elements requires flash player to be enabled to view the dashboard. But that whole dashboard is appearing as a block to uipath and I am not able to click on elements present inside that dashboard.

I tried with web recording also but still dashboard is appearing a whole block

Indeed, flash is not that well supported, I think.

You could give our Computer Vision package a try for that particular use case:

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@loginerror thanks for the help. Now i am able to access the elements with computer vision activities.

hi @loginerror …now am able to access elements but it is using coordinates to locate my element and my element along with their position are changing dynamically. Is there any solution to handle this ?? Since if my elements positions are changing dynamically…it won’t be able to locate it through uipath

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