Unable to access the target application

When using element capture, the target application cannot be accessed
pls help


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This could be like the application is not compatible with UiPath for scraping the elements
You can try with Image automation like click Image, Find Image etc., activities

Also if the app is java based application then try to install the java plugin and try again

Hope this may help you



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If it’s a Java based application make sure to install Java extension only then we will be able to access the elements

If not and still if we are not able to access the elements

  1. First upgrade the UIAutomation packages and give a try
    Go to design tab → manage packages → project dependencies → upgrade UIAutomation package

  2. Or still if not working then open UI Explorer and from there click on UI Framework and try with all the three options of accessing the element

  3. If that is not working still then go for SEND HOT KEY activity with relevant keyboard keys you can use to navigate across the application fields

  4. And finally if send hot key looks more complex then go for image based activities

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @zhihua_sun