Non Type Calendar

Hello I have a browser with a calendar that non Typing and also july august etc for months.

I have a variable that stores a date in this format 00.00.0000

My question its how shall i use that variable and insert that date into the non typing calendar ?
( I will get various dates in that variable, but only one date each time) Skjermbilde

The date can be stored in a variable and pass them in selectors
Same as for month using switch case activity
Example- 01 month - Jan, 02 month- feb etc
and this month can be stored in variable that can be pass to selectors too…
the year is in same format directly u can pass the variable to selectors


segregate the date(dd),month(mmm),year(yyyy) from the date input and store them in three variables
using selector pass these variables in target.

for reference please go through below link

A Manohar

do you have a tutorial or any image explanation ?

This its what i curently have case

I first pick the calender to open it. Then i have an empty case underneath. In the vb expression shall i set myVariableDate = case?

I’m sending a sample workflow check, may be i’ll work
DateTime.xaml (29.1 KB)

Ok so i have to divide my date output then format it into something the browser can match then

getting error on assign ( Month to actualtime.substring(var2,varresult)

error says "Cannot assign from type system.string to type Uipath.core.genericvalue in assign acitivity assign

Ok made them all now, how will it work ? How shall i make the function insert my original string date into the non typing calendar ? I have made the switch statements like u had in the project

hi for some reason it gives me 2020 on the year when i have 2019 on input

Can u share ur workflow so that i can see and correction

Yes, but fxed the 2020 issue. Having issue with inserting it into the calendar. Did some research and people said its much more effecient using js. But not rly sure how to use js in this case

Hey for the date, take the click activity click on the one of the date, in that check the properties panel in that selectors there is a data will be seen
for example: aaname: ‘16’ if u click in selectors it shows and in that place send the variable which u stored ur date in the place of 16 like this aaname: ’ “+var+” ’
Same to the month and year check the selectors

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gives me this for days

wont work… Dont think its possible to make the robot interact here because the calendar its so poor made.

No, its possible i’m sharing one work flow which is little similar to ur processSequence.xaml (27.9 KB)

Try Set text activity


When geniueses appear with something simple haha THANK U MAN !

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