No Robot Listed in Start Job

Hello All ,

I have done the below steps to run the bot from orchestrator.

  1. Published project in Studio
    2.Got my Project in Packages
    3.i have configured my bot in robot tab then added new enviroment .
    4.I have created process to combaine package + Environement.

Everything is working fine. But while checking start tab , pressing start button i can see my process but i am not able to see my robot to run the process. I tried all the way , any idea.

Srenivasan Kannan


Kindly change the type of robot to Unattended
Because if it’s being attended it won’t get listed while running a job under the environment list
Because we won’t be able to trigger a attended bot from orchestrator

Cheers @SrenivasanKanna



That’s cool , Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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@Palaniyappan thanks for the help its working fine. still i have two clarification

  1. If i start the job , Its getting failed in orchestrator again , Its execute the job only i am getting back to robot tray and downloading the process then Click start button. Is there any other way to directly execute the process while run the process in Orchestrator( I choosed execute automatically option to)


  1. For attended bot how we are getting the project to Robot tray to execute the task .

Thanks in advance


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