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I’m using type into activity for to select date
From date: Date.Now.AddDays(-2).toString(“MM-dd-yyyy”)
To date: Date.Now.toString(“MM-dd-yyyy”)+ “[k(tab)]”
Dates are entered correctly but it’s an invalid
1.How to give correct method.
2.In my work flow i’m trying to download a reports daily. If the data found flow continue successfully. Some times didn’t get data it will display “Sorry, no Records Found!”
That time how to i handle my flow


Use Element exist for the “Sorry, no Records Found!” text, if it is true then no records available, if it is false then you can proceed.

Hi @sarathi125
Thanks for your response
This is my flow once
1.To date is select
2.Click on submit
3.Once record fund after that only export to excel will display, Other wise it will display soor no record fund. In which place i use element exist and how


Place element exist as shown in the below image and check in a IF activity.

Hi @sarathi125
Based on your suggestion i have create the flow like this
I thing i’m done a mistake getting error message



Is the image available, as per the condition and the new element exist activity it works as expected I guess, since few records are there it is trying to click on the image, check the image is available to click.

Which image you need.
If record found click on excel icon this is the condition i have created
Is this correct?

you were almost done
–we can use IMAGE EXISTS or ELEMENT EXISTS activity and get the boolean variable as output and pass that output variable as a condition in IF activity
if true it will go to THEN where we can use CLICK ACTIVITY or goes to ELSE part
with click image activity set the property WAITFOR READY as COMPLETE and try once
and also enable the SIMULATE CLICK property
Cheers @vivek_sivam

Sorry, I’m confused could you please create a flow for this

let me tell you the sequence of activity on this
–use TYPE INTO ACTIVITY with this expression for FROM date
and use another TYPE INTO ACTIVITY with this expression for TO date
Date.Now.toString(“MM-dd-yyyy”)+ “[k(tab)]”

–ensure that SEND WINDOW MESSAGE PROPERTY is enabled on type into activity

–then use CLICK ACTIVITY to click on SUBMIT button or SEND HOT KEY activity with key as enter

–now use a IMAGE EXISTS ACTIVITY where choose that text alone as a image region

–and get the output with a variable named bool_exists of type boolean
–now followed by this use IF activity where mention the condition as
bool_exists = True
if true it will go to THEN part where can leave it empty or if that is false which means excel icon has appeared, so use CLICK IMAGE or CLICK activity with simulate click property enabled

Cheers @vivek_sivam

Thanks for your explanations

In this flow based on our date range record fund click on excel icon then click on logout.
If record didn’t fund click on logout
Is this correct for my flow?

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Just a small change buddy
if we dont get this message like Sorry, No Record Found then we wont be having the excel icon,right…so if the boolean condition is true it will go to THEN part which means there will be no excel icon. So in THEN part of IF condition we need place the click activity with logout button been clicked and if the boolean condition fails it will go to ELSE part where we need to keep the CLICK image activity

Cheers @vivek_sivam

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Hi @Palaniyappan
Thanks it’s working fine. But if record didn’t find i can able to the process of to click on logout.
Once record fund i didn’t see the process of download, record has been downloaded.
How to i see the process of download process

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to check whether the file got downloaded or not we can check with the file count in that folder
–initially in the sequence of activity use a ASSIGN activity like this, as a first activity
arr_files = Directory.GetFiles(“yourfolderpath where these downloaded files are saved”)

where arr_files is a variable of type array of string
now use a ASSIGN activity like this
int_filecount = arr_files.Count
where int_filecount is a int32 variable

–now after clicking on the excel icon here, next to this IF condition activity use one more if condition like this
Directory.GetFiles(“yourfolderpath where these downloaded files are saved”).Count > int_filecount
if true it will go to THEN part which means the file got downloaded where use a writeline activity and mention as “File got Downloaded” or goes to ELSE part where we can mention as “File not Downloaded”

Cheers @vivek_sivam

File has been downloaded that’s not a problem. I couldn’t see the click events like click on Excel

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