No record found with text

I have create a flow from the following flow.
1.Select the from and two date range.
2.Once the data found need to click on download icon
3. If data didn’t get the data between the selected date range need to click on another button

Hi @vivek_sivam,

What is the question ? can you elaborate further more

HI @SamanGuruge
Once the data found between the selected date range one excel icon will display, need to click on the excel icon. Selected date range there is no record found it will display Sorry no record found that time how to handle the things

Hi, you can use “Element Exists” activity to find the excel icon. You will get a true result if it exists and false result if it doesn’t exist. Based on the result, you can use an “If” activity. If it doesn’t exist, then you can input different dates.

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For No result found, Just capture that with Elelement Exists activtity and Output is a boolean variable(True/False).

Take If Condition and if result found use the excel download flow and no result found then continue the next dates to check.

Please find the screen attached.