No logging for write line?

Can i disable logging to a txt file when using write line activity?

writing to file operation is so slow a 1min execution takes 5min cause of write lines.

cant we just let it be shown in the console/output?

How about the Log message activity?

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doesnt log message, also write to a log txt file? correct me if im wrong.

Write line and log message activity both writes to a log txt file aside from showing on the Output/console on Uipath studios.
My work pc is tragically slow, so much so debug mode is out of the question.

The write operation is taking up alot of time.

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You are right, logs are archived locally in the execution log file.
It is also true that the performance depends on your environment, so if your PC is struggling with IO, this may be a problem (although logs can be optimized for batched writes)
If you simply wish to disable writing the execution log to file, you can go into NLog.config and remove the entries related to executionFile
Note that this is hardly recommendable in an enterprise environment, so please do consider the implications (audit, support, etc…)


perhaps this could be moved to the feedback/suggestion.

to have the option to not log into a txt file.

when u do comparison operations, such as using nested loops, the loops occur very quickly in comparison to the write to txt file operation from the write lines.

there are cases where my colleague’s work flow takes 30mins simply cause he has a write line inside a comparison operation, and was under the assumption the comparison takes that long.
its only after i seen the write lines that we realise that was the cause. and after removing it, it took only afew mins.
the writelines were essential for debugging. its impractical to use debug mode for thousands of comparisons.

imo, its impractical to log to txt file for write line. it would make sense if its log message, but not write line.

write line is commonly used when in development, for debugging. log message is used when deploying it live.
essentially on orchestrator, only the log messages are shown.

if not for realising this, my organisation was still investigating other automation softwares lol.

and yes, im in an enterprise environment… i cant even modify the config files without submitting a request first. would be good is there is a checkbox that allows u to turn off write to txt file for write line activity

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Thank you for the feedback and context, we will definitely look into this.
Regarding optimization, I can suggest an old developer’s trick:
If you are not trying to view your log live, you can push it in an array of strings, and only at the end of your process, dump the content to a file (in one block, and by-passing the log message activity for this kind of verbose content)

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  1. Don’t log in a fast loop
  2. You can use log message with different log levels (Info, Trace, Error) and enable/disable them by simply setting a higher log level.

the problem is that log/write line is a hard disk operation, which is easiest the slowest operation in the computer.

dont all log levels still writes to a text file?

what i am asking is just write line/log message that has the option to NOT write to a text file, but instead, just shows on the console.

Maybe something to consider, especially with this comment here: