No data show for Robot in Orchestrator when I want to start a job

Out of sudden the robot are not shown in the list when I want to start a job in Orchestrator. Search forum and most topic are talking about the environment.

My robot is added to demo environment.
But it is not listed when I want to start a job.

The robot is working fine until last night.
Please help and Thank you very much!!

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@Kam_Keong_Han - pls change the robot ‘RPA Bot’ type to ‘Unattended’ and try.


@GBK Works like a charm! Thank you!


I have the same Issue out of nowhere, I tried what you say but it shows me this:

However I only have one robot configured. How can I change this

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I’m getting trouble in same issue using community editon. I have one question if you know. From 2020 Orchesrtrator, if robot type is Studio ,we cannot assign to start job’s robot and we have to use unattended or attended type? In my case, there is one machine for uipath. So i want to use Studio type license.

You have to switch between Studio type (when develop) and Unatteneded (when verify)

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Thank for replay @Doanh !
Oh it is too sad rule! But i’ll accept it.

" An important note"

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