No Compatible version with Windows projects

I am getting the above error while installing:
I see the solution in forum to go through the documentation: " Migrating Activities to .NET 6

I am not following it. I really need help for this to meet my deadlines.

Hi @khooshbu.jani,

Is your project Windows-Legacy?

yes it is a Windows legacy project

From what you posted; I assume you are converting a Windows-Legacy project into a Windows compatibility project.

However, the Microsoft.Activities.Extension package still supports only .net 4.6.1.

Please view the following for replacing these activities: :ambulance: :sos: [FirstAid] Migration to Windows target Framework - Missing Microsoft.Activities.Extensions package - Dictionary Activities - News / Vote on Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum
OR, convert the project back to Windows-Legacy, in which case this dependency will work.