Microsoft.Activities.Extensions package?

Hi ,
Am not able to install Microsoft.Activities.Extensions package in my studio, it is showing No compatible version with windows project. Any one please help me

HI @Vanitha_VS

The package you are looking into is supported in Windows - Legacy

If possible can you re build the project in Windows - Legacy compatibility and use that package



Thank you for your solution…
If we want to use it in windows, what we need to do.

i think we dont have any possibilities to use them in the Windows if it is not available

availability is based on the .net version that activities are developed and that version is not supported in the windows as it requires updated version

What are you try to do , tell about your task may we can get a alternative workaround for that


I was watching one video about action center demo, there they are downloading this package for add to dictionary activity.

Thank you…

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