Nlog Seq Database Integration for Robot Logs

Hi All

I’m trying to work out how to get log files sent from the robot to Seq (Seq is just a database).
Documentation says I can integrate Seq with Nlog applications, so I’ve been looking at trying to send Robot logs directly from the Studio Robot to Seq.

Input into Seq with Nlog:

I’ve followed all the steps within there, adding the required package in UiPath and adding all the targets/rules to my Nlog.config file that’s within the UiPath directory. I’ve set up a simple workflow that just outputs a log, but it’s still not sending it to the Seq server, only to the local execution_logs.txt and within UiPath. I can send logs to seek via cmd line, so the Seq server is up and running.

To date I’ve tried:

  • Removing everything in Nlog.config except the Seq targets
  • Resetting Robot service after each change
  • Packaging and deploying to Orchestrator (to see if that did anything, it doesn’t)
  • Adding ‘layout=$(Message)’ in Nlog.config (no change)
  • Reimporting the package to the project

Nlog/Seq have osme troubleshooting (, but its moreso centered around if I was writing straight VBA rather than using UiPath so I thought I’d check if one of you guys had done something similar.

Any help or tips are greatly appreciated.