Nick names identification

Hi all. Working on an RPA use case that entails finding name +address matches between two different systems. There’s a lot of cases where in one system a nick-name has been used instead of the full name (e.g. Bob i/o Robert). Is there a workaround to make sure the nick-names are also included as a match? (Possibility of using some AI maybe?). Thanks

Hi @Mwakiosam,
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It sound for me a little similar like comparing two tables. Ideally is when you have a common element which can be found on both sides like email or something. Then you can build two data tables which you can compare based on this common element using loops.

Thank you, @Pablito!
Yes, I guess building a table is a good starting point. The question will be how can we leverage on automation to keep updating the table with new nick-names encountered?

Usually there should be one part of process which will catch new items and add new rows to table and then second part where tables will be compared.

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