Mapping values in to two different systems

Hello There, I want to ask about a scenario I am facing now
I have two systems one that generate the invoice in excel format and the other one to be inserted the extracted data in. but the problem now is that the two systems hasn’t the same values for one field
in other words if I have “Name” attribute in the two systems one will have “Dina Qubese” and the other have “Deena Qubicy” how can I overcome this issue and mapping between them as the second system doesn’t have a record named as “Dina Qubese” ???

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Hi @Dina.abdelhakam

This will violate the rule to begin with RPA that your data should be standardized across the different systems. If you have a Name let us say “One” in first system which becomes “Two” in second system and “Three” in third system how will you maintain this ?

For current scenario you can maintain a mapping for names from which you can compare and let the robot decide that Deena Qubicy and Dina Qubese are same. Maintain this mapping in an excel or db


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Thank You for your support