Matching two tables with specific key

There are tables as followings;
row(0) {“apple”,“fruit”,“good”}
row(1) {“carrot”,“vegetable”,“bad”}
row(2) {“shelf”,“furniture”,“good”}

row(0) {“3”,“I ate apples yesterday”}
row(1) {“1”,“I made a sherf”} // intentionally miss-spelling for sherf"

I want to matching these tables with both key $hoge(0) and $ piyo(1)

How can I make this with “for each row”, “add data row” activity and “Regex” method.

I Imaged like follows but could not express in Uipath…

for each row (item_1 in $hoge ){
for each row (item_2 $piyo){
if (item_1(0)== Regex.Match(item_2(1), “.item_1(0).”).Value){
add data row ($bar)

$counter = item_2.Count
while (0 < $counter){
// I could not find good way to use regular expression to
adopt to spelling miss like follows:
add data row ($bar)

finally I should get dataTable like
row(0) {“apple”, “I ate apples yesterday”,“3”}
row(1) {“shelf”, “I made a sherf”,“1”}

Would somebody please give me advise.