Newtonsoft.json.dll path problem

hello, I have some problem.
some program installed newtonsoft.json.dll in C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL\Newtonsoft.Json\

this make big problem…

after this file installation, UIpath studio reference this dll file, and make many problem.
UIpath can’t make new process with newstonsoft.json error.

if I delete C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL\Newtonsoft.Json\\newtonsoft.json.dll
voila, UIpath can make new process.

if I delete some program, maybe UIpath is OK. but… I need god damm program that I delete.
I am just starter… is there any one to save me?

Hi @Chanwoong_Jang

What is the application that is causing this issue here?

@Chanwoong_Jang is that possible to post the error message or screen shot along with the studio version you are using , Global Assembly Cache (GAC) is the centre place to refer common library packages, before deleting it make sure it is not referred by any other application for eg visual studio.

“Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service” in Korea made this program. could you check uploaded file?

The error from Studio would also be helpful :slight_smile:

What you could still do is to try and delete the Studio cache from here:


And trying to then create a new project.

Sorry for resurrecting this old thread. Hi @Chanwoong_Jang were you able to solve your problem? I have another customer experience the same issues with Newtonsoft.json.dll because it is used by both UiPath Studio and their internal application.